End of Summer Hair Care

Before you know it fall will be here! As the weather gets cooler and the leaves start changing your hair may need a change too. Taking care of your hair at the end of summer means some extra TLC and maybe a new look before the new season. After all, summer heat, days at the pool and beach trips can take a toll on the health of your locks. A professional hair salon in Upper Bucks County can help you get the hair care you need and the new look you want before fall begins.

Deep Conditioning Treatment
A good deep conditioning treatment can give your hair back the moisture it lost throughout the hot and humid months. Ask your hair stylist for a conditioning treatment next time you are in for your regular appointment. It will only take a few minutes and she can recommend a deep conditioning product to use at home.

Get Rid of Buildup
Those days spent poolside can do some serious damage to your hair. Switch out your normal shampoo with a clarifying one for a few weeks to help get rid of buildup on your strands. Many of the products we use throughout the summer to fight against humidity can actually add to the buildup. After just a few weeks of using clarifying shampoo your hair will feel look and feel healthier.

Haircut & Color
Looking for a new style for the season? Try mixing it up with some layers or bangs. If you aren’t interested in a makeover then at least invest in a trim. It will give your hair a fresh start for the season. Just a few inches off will greatly benefit the health of your hair. As for color, if you usually go lighter in the summer, fall is the time to go a little bit darker. You don’t need to make any extreme changes, ask your hair stylist to add some simple lowlights.

Looking to give your hair some end of summer care? Contact Taboo Salon and Spa in Quakertown, Pa to schedule an appointment!