Winter Hair & Skin Care Tips

Winter Hair Care- Taboo Salon Quakertown PA

During the harsh cold months of winter, it’s crucial to take extra care of your hair. Cold weather can create havoc for your beautiful locks. Here are some simple tips for taking care of your hair during the coldest season of the year.

Adapt your hair care to the weather changes.

Look for a shampoo that will help keep your hair strong and healthy during the cold winter months. If you use the right treatment you’ll avoid it becoming a bigger issue. Look to buy shampoos and conditioners that focus on protecting and healing your dry hair and provide more moisture than you normally use.

Use a deep conditioning treatment. OFTEN.

You can purchase a hot oil or deep conditioning treatment to use at home. Although, it’s recommended that you visit your salon and ask your stylist to do a deep conditioning treatment. At Taboo Salon and Spa we have a a variety of deep conditioning treatments for all hair types and problems. Contact us today to schedule an appointment! Not only will a deep conditioning treatment help with dryness but it will also help with that annoying winter static and knots.

Avoid leaving the house with wet hair, and cover up!

In winter, it’s crucial that you dry your hair before you step out of the house into the cold air. It will pay off to wake up a tad earlier to blow dry your hair or let your hair air dry the night before. Going out in the cold winter weather with wet hair damages your ends and makes your hair even more dry and brittle. Make sure to cover up also. If you are going to be outside, especially in extremely cold temperatures or wine, use a cute scarf to protect your hair from the elements. Surprisingly, sun can be just as damaging in winter as it is in summer!

Don’t forget your skin!

Just like your hair, your skin will suffer just as much during the cold winter months. Remember to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Try lathering your feet and hands with your favorite lotion and put cotton gloves and cottons socks on while watching TV or something else relaxing. Your hands and feet will love you for it! Also, your face can get very dry and chapped—which is definitely not cute. Make sure you are using a rich face moisturizer, and not the same one you use in spring and summer months.

Need help with your hair and skin winter regimen? Give Taboo a call at 267-227-3273 and schedule an appointment! We will keep you looking healthy and glowing throughout the entire season!