Nail Services & Pricing

Taboo Manicure: $20 & up

Cuticles and nails are touched up. Plus 10-minute hand and forearm massage.

Men’s Manicure: $20 & up 

Gel Manicure: $35

Gel Pedicure: $45

Freshen-Up Pedicure: $25 & up

Cuticles and nails are touched up.

Taboo Pedicure: $35 

Feet are soaked, massaged, and scrubbed. Calluses are filed, nails shaped/polished. Plus 15-minute leg and foot massage.

Love Yourself Pedicure: $45

In addition to your Taboo Pedicure you will receive a coconut oil treatment applied on the heel, and then wrapped and filed for an extra smooth finish.

About Taboo

We are located in Quakertown Pa, catering to clients throughout Upper Bucks, Montgomery and surrounding areas.

Our Services

Taboo Salon & Spa is diverse with the wide array of services we offer to both men and women.

Taboo On The Fly

Our on-the-go salon and spa services are perfect for weddings and other special occasions.