Taboo: Not Your Ordinary Salon & Spa!

Taboo Salon and Spa is not your ordinary salon and spa, we promote relaxation and cater to all sexes and ages but our look is on a different scale. This salon is all about keeping it young from our trendy decor to the music choice which consist of what’s playing on the radio today, or the owner’s favorite which is old school hip-hop, now we can’t just completely ignore the spa aspect so we do play spa music in the spa areas and massage rooms but most of it is all about keeping it funky. Taboo like any other business was a carefully thought out process, which formed into a very strong structure much like a pyramid. Three years ago our structure was finalized, at the top of our pyramid lays the boss lady Crystal who has spent 15 years of her life educating herself about the beauty industry. Crystal also spent most of her time perfecting and planning what her vision would be, when she opened her salon for the public. Crystal has proven the definition of girl power time and time again, as a young woman who did not come from riches opening up a salon might seem impossible. Although she has had many obstacles including health that have tested her urge to succeed, she has never let that break her or separate her from the goal. Crystal consistently makes her salon the place that offers a voice to those dealing with illnesses that are often ignored by the general public, by introducing her staff and clients to events and charities that continue to raise awareness. She inspires her staff to break barriers and prove our strength in the business world as women. Holding her up is the salon coordinator named Katherine which will be the first and last person seen when entering the salon, she brings forth Crystal’s vision as clearly as her name… lol. Then we have our team of stylists and massage therapists holding her up which consist of 4 massage therapists who are Jessica, Shawna, Alexis and Becki and one stylist Sarah which is often joined by Crystal in our salon area. These are the girls who make sure you walk out of here loving your service and wanting to come back again and again like an addiction, but a good one like coffee. The next blog posts will slowly introduce everyone individually and speak on behalf of the amazing work and great contribution they bring into Taboo so stay tuned for our next blog. Toddles!