Organic Spray Tanning

Norvell Organic Spray Tan at Taboo - Quakertown PA

I am eager to begin introducing all of our unique and awesome services, but what better time than now that summer is fast approaching to talk about our latest edition, organic spray tanning. Taboo is very big on health, remember? So of course we use the latest, safest and healthiest products for tanning which all come from Norvell. There is no point in submitting your skin to the harsh rays of a black light or even worse… the scorching sun which can cause skin cancer just to reach that summer glow. Organic airbrush tanning has many benefits and seems to be the most effective method, so I did a little research for you guys and according to a site called Fantasy Tan, airbrush tanning has a high quality in realism. The price in airbrush tanning is usually about the same as its competitors and it just so happens to be the healthiest form of tanning that exists at the moment. The only thing to watch for is the upkeep that means following the correct procedures to maintain the tan for its usual time which is about a week. Taboo has created take home forms for our tanning clients to ensure that they are informed on the best ways to keep their tan as long as possible, we also provide information on what to do before the service is performed. The most important part after receiving a tan with us is to stay away from showering for about 6-12 hours, so that the color sticks as best as possible. You might feel weird but after the first shower the excess bronzer will wash off leaving you with that beautiful natural summer glow. The service itself is super easy and fun, it lasts about 5 minutes per coat and usually two coats is enough to reach that deep tan and one coat is enough for a light glow. Sarah is the stylist most advanced in preforming this service as well as the owner Crystal. Also, all Taboo employees will soon be skilled enough to perform the service. Exfoliating the skin with our homemade body scrub before tanning is highly recommended, to wash off any dead skin lingering that could interfere with gaining that tan, silky-smooth appearance. The Taboo girls love questions, especially if it’s about our newest services, so feel free to contact us via email or phone with any questions you might have before booking an appointment to tan. I will be talking more in detail about our salon services in our next blog so stay tuned… toodles.